Living Space; Hand-made pottery

Price will appear after you have selected the size and patter.

Round Lamps

hand painted lamp shade

We have 4 sizes. Height to top of shade: S - 13", M - 15.5", M/L - 18", L - 20.5".

S & M have 1-way sockets, M/L & L have 3-way sockets.

S base needs clip-on or Uno fixture on shade, ours have slip-on Uno fixture.

M, M/L & L bases have harp & finial for shades w/ spider (washer) fixture.

Fabric shades are available w/purchase of lamp base.

Most likely in stock: S & M. DB, BA, BM, DG, GMD, GA, RB & HY.

Base shown is S in BK. Hand-painted shade is done by artist Kathy Mitchell. Every hand-painted shade is unique and must be ordered by phone.