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What in the world is a SoapFish®?

The SoapFish® is a magnetic soap holder, an attractive way to keep your soap bar neat and dry.

The SoapFish® is attached to the wall by the sink or in the shower; you press a bottle cap into your bar of soap and click it onto the magnet under the fish belly.

In my native Germany magnetic soap holders are a common household item. They are made of plastic in simple, utilitarian shapes. We had at least one by every sink and shower in my childhood home.

In my opinion they are the best solution to the annoying, messy, melting soap bar problem. They also make your soap last much longer.

Since these magnetic soap holders are not available here, I decided to make them myself. I had the idea to throw them on the potter’s wheel and sculpt them into fish, not only because fish are fun to make, but also because it rhymes with dish!

A box with instructions, starter bottle cap and hardware needed to install the SoapFish® are provided.

L 3 1/2”, W 2 1/2”, H 2 1/2”

Shown, l - r, in HY, RB, JD, BO, MG & EM.


For orders of multiple SoapFish®, please order by phone for a lesser shipping charge.